Luxol: where 100% Made in Italy
is born

Luxol’s history began in 1969 in the Cadore district, the cradle of Italian eyewear par excellence. Manufacturer of frames for prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, Luxol specialized right from the start in processing metal and then acetate, choosing to keep the entire manufacturing process in its land of origin: Cadore.

For this reason, the company boasts a complete Made in Italy production, thus maintaining maximum quality control over each of the more than 70 production stages necessary for the manufacturing of eyewear.

At the heart of excellence

Our Story

The breathtaking views of the Dolomites and the poetic beauty of the majestic valleys of Cadore are linked to the family from which Luxol was born and the entire manufacturing history of the area. From this identity and the many generations proud of their history, Luxol’s strategic choice to remain in Cadore was based. Cadore is the heart of historical craftsmanship of excellence and its aptitude for perfection, which turns our eyewear into unique, timeless items of the highest quality.

The Land

The high quality of Luxol products is the result of an ethical choice that comes from a genuine love for the land, respect for the people, and dedication that the company has been honoring for over 50 years. Cadore is the source from which Luxol drew its inspiration, resources, and knowledge, a wealth that the company repays every day with its unquestioning loyalty to its valleys. The complexities of working in a mountainous area are amply rewarded by what this environment offers.

The People

Luxol’s history is also the history of a family. This fact gives strength and pride to the brand’s growth in the Made in Italy eyewear sector. Not only for the emotional value that motivates the group, but also for the responsibility that this entails in guaranteeing the future of many families and protecting the efforts of “our forefathers”. Values, ethics, and passion are thus transformed into responsibility and commitment towards those who work at the company and those who choose Luxol products every day.

A Company made by people

Team Luxol Piera

Piera Da Rin Vidal

Sales Manager for Italy

Team Luxol Giuseppe

Giuseppe Zanella

Technical Manager

Team Luxol Mariapia

Maria Pia Zanella

Foreign Sales and Private Label

Team Luxol Massimo

Massimo Larcher

Administration Manager

A new concept of craftsmanship

The eyewear production cycle is a long process carried out by high-tech machinery, but that, for the most part, still requires intellect and manual skills. From design to production, Luxol carries out each process with the experience of Italian artisans of historical excellence, who hand down rare manual skills at the heart of the brand’s quality. Each eyewear model results from that sensitivity and aptitude for perfection cultivated as the most precious asset, without which nothing that is created every day at Luxol could exist.

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Collaboratore Luxol