since 1969

Excellence in the heart of Cadore

Occhiale Luxol

For over 50 years, we have been producing eyewear that stands the test of time

Our eyeglasses result from the combination of craftsmanship, tradition, and technology. We manufacture them for prestigious international brands and serve the best opticians in the world.
Our product is strictly 100% Made in Italy, designed and manufactured entirely in Cadore.

our services

From design to manufacturing


We carefully assess every project detail and carefully choose the most suitable material for the desired result.


We produce a sample to check that the design objectives have been correctly achieved and optimize the manufacturing details.


We create a complete project file by selecting the human and technical resources for the manufacturing that is then initiated.

Our work method

From tradition to innovation, we are a company that looks forward to respecting our history. We take care of the details through strict quality control processes.


Our eyeglasses result from our accuracy and refinement, our land, the value we give to people, and our passion for Italian quality.


The design of any Luxol eyewear is closely linked to its lens-supporting function. It encompasses key parameters such as fit, aesthetics, and functionality.


What drives us is the search for visual and fit comfort, which can be achieved through continuous technological research and the selection of raw materials of excellence.

Our collections

Luxol 1964

Luxol 1969 Collection

The 1969 collection is an extraordinarily complete and versatile “Technical” Collection. The eyewear has been designed to ensure maximum visual comfort and great functionality. It features very rare frames, suitable for those who are looking for something special or particularly large or small shapes.

Nos Collection

Nos is the essence of contemporary Italian style, an expression of the perfect combination of craftsmanship, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, and Italian design. Each eyewear model results from the prestige of Cadore’s craftsmanship combined with the best Italian design, a guarantee of maximum comfort, durability, and high quality.

Made in Italy Eyewear

Being Italian is an integral part of our natural propensity for formal balance, elegance, refinement of finishes, the harmony of colors and proportions in all our eyewear.

Limitless versatility

Our outstanding technical experience embellished our models. Today, we boast many metal frames and various acetate models to satisfy the most varied stylistic and functional needs, adapting them with ease to different face shapes and sizes.