50 years of experience for manufacturing of excellence

The skills that Luxol has acquired over the years are applied in each new project so that it can best combine the finest aesthetic research with the best functionality to achieve full formal harmony of shapes and colors, proportions and visual comfort, perfect fit and excellent craftsmanship, which are at the heart of our “know-how”. Luxol supports its clients in the search for the best possible solution, following them step by step in creating each new collection from design to production.

Craftsmanship quality 100% Made in Italy

Craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and Italian raw materials: each Luxol eyewear model is a unique piece to wear thanks to the best manufacturing excellence of the Company.

A fully-comprehensive service



In addition to the aesthetic aspect, it is always necessary to consider the comfort we wish to obtain and which materials are best suited to achieve it. This is the principle we use when we review new briefs. The experience and skills gained in more than 50 years in business trained us to acquire extensive knowledge on the materials and their transformation cycle. Choosing the most suitable material is one of the essential elements to create a quality frame.



Thanks to the expertise of a technical department that can develop designs and prototypes using CAD-CAM stations and work centers, it is possible to create prototypes to check whether the design objective has been correctly achieved. By physically touching the first eyewear prototypes, it is possible to apply improvements, optimize construction details, and have a correct and defined perception of the color palette and texture of the surfaces.



Once the prototype has been checked and any changes, optimizations, and technical and aesthetic improvements defined, a project file is drawn up where the technical drawings of each component are included. Once the final project file has been approved and further checked in all its parts, all the processing stages are accurately assessed to assign the human and technical resources for production, which is then started.

Private Label

The right consultants for your Project

Brief Analysis

Luxol, in addition to the manufacturing of its lines, is highly appreciated for the creation of Private Label collections, offering its quality craftsmanship and the experience of over 50 years of manufacturing operation to clients who wish to develop their private eyewear collection, supporting them in the search for the best solutions.

Feasibility Study

After analysis and preliminary discussion to extrapolate the specific features of the project, Luxol carries out an in-depth feasibility study, assessing the various proposals for using materials and choosing those most suitable ones to combine maximum visual comfort with the design of the collection, always paying great attention to optimal lens management.