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A history of quality.

“We monitor every stage in the production process directly to guarantee that our products meet all the needs we consider necessary for eyewear. This is what spurs on that quest for perfection that began in 1969.”

The winters are long in this part of the world. The freezing weather calls a halt to many agricultural jobs, forcing a period of inactivity. This situation has given rise to the start-up of small craft enterprises such as those making combs which were then sold on by pedlars. As well as combs, these pedlars sold eyewear which they gradually learned how to make themselves, leading to the conversion of the mills once used for food products. These early artisan businesses would soon become the first chapter in the history of the optical industry. This is how we began, a little workshop crafting gold-plated spectacle frames. This artisan origin never deserted as we grew into a more highly structured organisation and it is still self-evident in our products, clearly translating into a dedication to quality. What spurs us on, as the next generation, to contribute to further developing the company is our commitment to high-tech research. This unique blend of tradition and innovation is sure to guarantee our continuing evolution.